Why Three Months?

The 3-Month Guide to Change. The Book

Why Three Months? The 3-Month Guide to Change Book

Chances are, right about now, you're asking yourself this question. Why does it take three months to truly change your life? After all, plenty of other books and online resources out there promise results in just one month, or a week, or even just one day.

Unfortunately, real change doesn’t come to most quite so easily. In order to enact impactful and lasting change, the vast majority of us mere mortals requires more time. The 90-day period is the result of an intersection between biological, psychological, and natural rhythms and laws, all of which restrict us in some ways but grant us incredible opportunities in others.

A new habit takes 30-40 days to form and just about 90 days to fully solidify. Because of how much in our lives is shaped by our habits and our resistance to change, it’s these very three months that must pass before we can clearly feel the impact of our efforts.

To this end, I urge you not to rush ahead. Instead, take your time, and put into practice the efforts I’ve laid out in this book with patience and conviction.

Three months really isn’t that huge of a time commitment, and the payoff is well worth it. I’m willing to bet you’ll be surprised, if not outright shocked, by the positive changes in your life at the end of these 90 days.

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