Confidence Building

The 3-Month Guide to Change. The Book

Confidence Building. The 3-Month Guide to Change Book

Let’s touch on the topic of confidence for a bit. Self-confidence and belief in your own strength are qualities that are absolutely mandatory for introducing any kind of real change into your life.

A confident individual actively takes up challenging tasks, has the power to adapt to adverse circumstances, has the capacity to affect reality, and is always prepared to overcome all difficulties. Confident people tend not to be phased by criticisms leveled at them by others, nor manipulated by the actions of those around them.

As social animals, human beings have a natural ability to read others’ auras, and confidence is the most powerful aura of all, attracting respect, opportunities, and social growth as a whole.

So how should you approach developing self-confidence?

The capacity to truly believe in yourself is dependent on multiple factors, such as:

  1. Parental love and care.

  2. Natural talents and predispositions.

  3. Acquired knowledge and skills.

  4. Direct experience.

However, the single most impactful thing for solidifying self-confidence is awareness of positive experiences. The more positive experience we accumulate, the higher our level of confidence in our own abilities. Also note that it’s entirely within your grasp to note and record such positive experiences and use them as a source of inspiration.

To that end, I suggest two wonderful habits that help in accumulating awareness of achievements and positive outcomes.

Start by acquiring two notepads or setting up two note pages in a note-taking app.

The first note space will be called “My Success Journal,” and in it, you’ll write down five successful, beneficial happenings per day.

These can range from the smallest to the most monumental events, such as:

  1. You found out something important.

  2. You learned something of value.

  3. You read part of a useful book.

  4. You completed some important task or chore.

  5. You spent time with family.

  6. You worked out.

  7. You helped an elderly person across the road.

  8. The list goes on...

Make it a point to realize your role in these types of actions, and write them down daily. In just a month’s time, upon accumulating 150 points in your list, you’ll notice how profoundly this activity boosts your self-confidence.

The longer you persist in this, the greater the effect will be. After the first month, extend this practice to three months, and then to a year. At that point, the sheer amount of positive experience you accumulate will be on a level that will stimulate categorical change in your life.

On top of the Success Journal, I also recommend keeping another list called “My Important Achievements.” Or better yet, split that into two, with one list for personal life and another for all things work-related.

For this list (or lists), you’ll be writing down your most significant achievements throughout your life. There is no required number per day or per month. Simply record any truly notable accomplishments along with their date.

Throughout the first year of doing this, you’ll compile a considerable list that will motivate you to progress even further, like a chain reaction. You’ll acquire a feeling of pride and gain an increased level of confidence in your own abilities.

Another beneficial activity worth taking up is sharing such positive events and accomplishments on social media. This will not only positively shape your inner self but also cultivate an image of success among friends and colleagues.

The diagram of factors that influence and help build self-confidence is actually fairly straightforward.

Confidence Building Mindmap

Maintain these habits consistently, and a year from now, you’ll be capable of incredible things, all thanks to demolishing self-imposed barriers using your own self-generated inspiration, which is exactly what the most successful people in the world do on their way to the top.

Now let’s move on. Another important aspect of your life to keep in mind is money. It’s vital to form a proper mindset in regards to your funds, which includes good money-related habits and knowledge of core money management rules, and that’s exactly what we’ll be exploring in the next chapter.


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