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The 3-Month Guide to Change. The Book

Sergei Borodin. The Author of The 3-Month Guide to Change Book

Hello, and welcome to all of my readers! My name is Sergei Borodin. I’m an entrepreneur, professional photographer, author of multiple books and many an article, creator of several successful online projects, and an expert in personal development.

For 29 years I’ve practiced martial arts, yoga and meditation in pursuit of personal development, the last 16 years of which I’ve also spent running my own studio where I help others do the same.

However, none of the labels I can ascribe to myself really matter. What’s important is the experience I’ve accumulated over the years in these fields — experience that I now want to share.

I thoroughly enjoy life in a way not many people manage in our stressful, modern world, and I’ve succeeded in enacting true change in my life more than once, which is also a challenge only an unfortunately small number of us manage to tackle or even come to properly identify as a worthwhile pursuit. As such, I’d like to take this opportunity to share with you my knowledge and to provide for you a blueprint that you will be able to use to achieve real change.

This book is a comprehensive guide on how to change yourself and your life by coming back stronger than ever after even the farthest fall, like a phoenix rising from the ashes, and embracing a new, inherently positive view of reality.

It’s my hope that the guidance laid out here will help you uncover in the only viable way, through direct experience, how to mimic the mythical phoenix and soar to a new, better life.

Throughout the following pages, I detail in simple terms the kinds of barriers that prevent us from changing ourselves and the reality around us, explain how mechanisms of change and control work, provide actionable techniques and advice devoid of any mysticism or other vague abstractions, and help you transform your life over the span of 90 days.

Contact me: facebook.com/soborodin | sbvseti@gmail.com | https://medium.com/@sergeiborodin |  https://twitter.com/borodinsergei

“You are what you do!”


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