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Hello! I want to introduce my book to you. This is a first book from "The Phoenix Codex Series". 

Title of this book - "The 3-Month Guide to CHANGE"

Sergei Borodin - The 3-Month Guide to Change Book

The Mission

Sergei Borodin with his books

Have you ever found yourself thinking about your life not as a collection of experiences from your own point of view but as a story told by an unseen narrator?

Have you ever wondered, even for a second, how different your life could have been, had you made some critical choices differently five, ten, or even twenty years ago?

If these or similar thoughts have ever crossed your mind, then you’ve already inadvertently made the first step towards taking full control of your life and changing it for the better.

We’ve organized the Phoenix Codex Project to help you take more steps in that direction, moving gradually but surely along the tumultuous and often confusing road of life with confidence, avoiding the stumbling blocks along the way, and reaching the destinations of which you’ve always dreamed, whether consciously or not.

The Book - The 3-Month Guide to CHANGE 

Our world today is more connected than ever, but it’s also more convoluted than it has ever been, thanks to the ever increasing wealth of information available online and beamed at us from every display and every speaker within earshot.

As a result, books have become beacons of focused insight, offering readers concentrated bursts of reliable information that’s often so hard to find on the web. However, not all books are created equal.

The more books on the innately meta topic of life improvement you read, the more familiar you become with the problem they all share: taking hundreds of pages to reiterate the same abstract idea in different ways.

The 3-Month Guide to Change cuts through the noise with a concrete 90-day plan to enact real change in your life using ancient wisdom and methods refined and proven to work by the author and thousands of

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About the Author

Hello, and welcome to all of my readers! My name is Sergei Borodin. I’m an entrepreneur, professional photographer, author of multiple… (2 min)

Why Three Months?

Chances are, right about now, you're asking yourself this question. Why does it take three months to truly change your life? (1 min)

Introduction — The 3-Month Guide to Change Book

In Greek mythology, the Phoenix is a fiery bird that not only lives a long life but also has the miraculous ability to die, burning up as… (10 min)

Chapter #1 — To Change or Not to Change?

So why is it that only such a small percent of people are capable of true change? Well, there are a number of reasons. I’d like to start… (2 min)

Chapter #2 — The Five Point Approach 

The first step is to equip yourself with what I’ve dubbed the Five Point Approach (5 min)

Chapter #3 — When to Start a New Life 

Oftentimes, we plan to enact some kind of meaningful change in our lives “tomorrow morning” or “starting fresh the upcoming Monday” or “right at the start of the new year.” (3 min)

Chapter #4 — Time Killers: The Elusive Obstacles to the Life You Want

So what is it that prevents an individual from becoming successful, happy, wealthy, famous, or self-sufficient? What obstacles lie in the way of our biggest dreams? (12 min)

Chapter #5 — Good Habits for Fun & Profit

In this chapter, we’ll be looking into beneficial habits for day-to-day life. Yes, that means every day. Remember the Five Point Approach from before, and you’ll do great. (10 min)

Chapter #6 — Confidence Building

Let’s touch on the topic of confidence for a bit. Self-confidence and belief in your own strength are qualities that are absolutely mandatory for introducing any kind of real change into your life. (5 min)

Chapter #7 — The Eight Rules of Wealth

In order to attract, save, and multiply your money, you’ll need to first build a proper relationship with money as a whole by following certain rules. (8 min)

Chapter #8 — Personal Vows: How to Do Things You Don’t Like Doing

This technique can help you accomplish things you really don’t like to do, and can even get you to a point where you start enjoying them. (7 min)

Next Chapters Coming Soon...


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The Five Point Approach

The Author 

We are the makers of the world around us. That single truth is the key to enacting real change.

My name is Sergei Borodin, and I want to share my practical knowledge on the topic of life improvement with the world.

Over the years, I’ve run over a dozen different ventures in the web, mobile, and e-commerce fields.

I’ve written a wealth of articles on personal development and entrepreneurship, using them as a basis for several successful online projects aimed at helping people find their way in life.

And last but by no means least, I’ve spent the last 16 years of my life as a health and wellness instructor, teaching yoga, meditation, and martial arts to those seeking to unite their internal self-improvement with physical development through concrete methods.

My goal now is to reach out even further, in a way that only a book truly can, and help you – yes, you – achieve the kind of control over your life and sincere happiness that I’ve managed to attain.

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Sergei Borodin - author of the Phoeniks Codex Series Books

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